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This was our dream...


From Menorca for lovers of open waters.



Cala Tomas-Son Xoriguer

Marathon  25km




  Marathon Swim in Menorca:


 "Son Bou-Son Xoriguer"


          This is a race organized by Menorca Channel Swimming Association consisting of a 25km swim where you can enjoy the turquoise waters of Menorca.

      Start from the of Cala Tomas beach passing by Talis, Son Bou, Binigaus, Fustam, escorxada, Trebaluge, Mitjana, Santa Galdana, Macarella, Cala Turqueta, Es Talaier Son Saura, Sa Cova d'es Pardals and finishing at Son Xoriguer.


Date: 14-06-2021

Please read all the rules, conditions and see if it meets all the requirements before making the registration.

The registration will not be official until the organization has verified the veracity of the the swimmer's curriculum.


  • A maximum of 33 swimmers are allowed to register to take part in the Menorca Marathon. The participants agree to strictly acecept this regulation.


  • On 13 June a talk will be given by the organization with participation by all swimmers.

       The timer and place will be sent to each swimmer by e-mail.


  • Each participant is required to produce their DNI or passaport when collecting their number and accessories.


  • The organization will provide each participant with an experienced kayaker on the day of the Briefing. Who will acompany the swimmer for all of the Marathon serving as a guide wiht supplies also carrying a flag with your number. It is possible for the swimmer to bring their own Kayaker, provided they are experienced and at their own risk.


  • It is the responsability of each swimmer to notify the organization of any health problems which may affect their physical integrity during the marathon.


  • The organization will provide an alternative route for the marathon on the North Coast of the island if sea conditions on the South Coast are compromised.

  • It will be reason for disqualification to help with any type of boat or auxiliary means to improve the performance in the water (fins, breathing tube, mittens, etc) and drafting either with another swimmer or behind the support vessel.


  • The organization will suspend the marathon if weather conditions are extremely adverse for health and safety reasons.


  • Participants will be disqualified if the accept any assistance including the wearing of fins, snorkel, mittens etc; and drafting either with another participant or the support boat.


  •  The kayak will always be within a safe distance of the swimmer and while refreshments will be avariable you are prohibited from touching your support kayak.


  • The Marathon is governed by General Classification, and mandatory without neoprene under the open water regulations of the F.I.N.A.


  • Participants are prohibited from discarding amy rublish fro example bottles, paper, etc. in the sea. Is this rule is broken you will be disqualified.


  • Any participant between the age of 16-18 at the time of the marathon must provide the organizers with the following documentation:

.      -Parental consent.

       -Long distance sports c.v. signed by their coach that shows their                     qualification for entering this marathon.

       -When these documents are provided to the organizers a decision                   will be made as to the participants suitability to enter the marathon.


  • Time check point: The will be a time control during the tour, Macarella is the second point of controls ubicated approximately 15 km from the departure and participants must reach this point within 5 hours.

      Failure to achieve this time means automatic disqualification and

      participants must get in the board the support boat.

  • The maximum time will be 8:30 hours.




  •  General Classification Male:

                                    1st  Rated male 300€

                                    2nd Rated male 200€

                                    3th  Rated male 100€

  •  Absolute Overall Female: 

                                    Ranked the 1st female  300€

                                    Ranked the 2nd female 200€

                                    Ranked the 3th female  100€


  • Everyone who completes the marathon will recieve a metal.

Adiditional Information


  • The water temperature at this time is usually around between 17 and 22 degrees .


:* You must download the document and send DISCLAIMER all information requested:



 Perfil de la travesía 




           During the Marathon a swimmer may partake of refreshments when necessary from their kayaker.

         The 4 obligatoru control points will be placed on wessels and clearly marked with large buoys and helium balloons which will make for considerably good visibility for participants and kayakers.

          It is not mandatory for participants to stop at control points but it is mandatory to pass through them. If this rule is not observed you will be disqualified.





  • Communicate through the registration form the time in one or more swims made of 10 km without neoprene and in a time less than 3 hours 15 minutes or tests of longer distance made at maximum rate of 20 min/km.

  • It will be indispensable in the registration page to attach the data so that the organization can verify them.

  • The organization reserves the right to cancel the registration in maximum time of 3 days in case of checking that the swimmer's curriculum does not meet the required requirements.

  • If that happens, the organization will return the full amount of the registration minus the management fees.

  • The registration period is from mid night on the 00:00 hours 01/12/2020 to 27/05/2021.

     The maximum number of participants allowed is 33.

       No registration will be accepted after 27/05/2021.

       Registration has to be made on line filling in all sections of the form. Payment to be         made by debit / credit card at the end of the form.

  • Each participant must fill in an individual personal non transferable form.

  • The registration will only be considered official once the payment and the swimmer's curriculum have been verified.

  • Participants will also need to consent to photographic and video publicity.



  • The price of the inscripcions will be € ... kayak included if the swimmer has his own kayaker.


  • The price of the inscriptions will be € ... if the organization has to provide a kayaker.


  • Cancellations before :

             01/02/2021 will be refunded 80% of their fee.*

             01/03/2021 will be refunded 60% of their fee.*

             01/04/2021 will be refunded 40% of their fee.*

             01/05/2021 will be refunded 20% of their fee.*

        *Minus the amount to reimburse them.


  • Registration entitles participant to:

            1. Participate in the Marathon.

            2. Marker buoys, kayakers, and support boats.

            3. Bus transport to the start of the Marathon.

            4. Insurance coverage.

            5. Assistance by health personnel and security while at sea and land.

            6. Clock time chip ( only organization chips valid ) Please return at the end of                      the Marathon.

            7. Swimmers bag.

            8. Food and drinks provided at the end of the Marathon.


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